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Advice regarding first birth observation

Hi all, this is my first post!

I decided a few years ago that I want to become a doula, but have delayed my certification process for various reasons.
Yesterday a co-worker learned this and asked if I would be interested in providing doula services for her as part of my certification. My husband and I have discussed it at length, and decided that circumstances will never be perfect, so I should use this as motivation and just go for it. I am equally excited and terrified, which (for me) is a good sign!

I have already been working on the required reading, and will be attending a birth doula workshop at the end of July. My coworker is due November 3rd. She is really excited about the possibility of having a doula, and anxious for my answer. I want to let her know that I am going to commit to this, but because I don't have any real training yet, I don't know the initial process between families and doulas. I am admittedly anxious about this because she is technically my superior and also generally very needy and clingy, so I want to make sure we establish clear expectations and boundaries from the beginning. I'm unsure of the best way to proceed...

Should I tell her yes, but say that we should hold off on further conversation until after my workshop?
When should I have her read and sign the Client Confidentiality Release Form?
Should we discuss our expectations, boundaries, services provided, birth plan, etc., or hold off? What *should* we discuss now?

Obviously I am *very* green here, so any advice is very welcome!
Thanks in advance!
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