Mama (madamemama) wrote in doulas,

Feeling Discouraged

I have been stood up by so many clients, I don't even want to respond to inquiries anymore. I had a client due late July who seemed so sincere. I didn't get a deposit from her because she kept not getting back to me about a time to meet, but she had called me on short notice (late June) and seemed just to be genuinely busy with the end of the pregnancy and her three other children. I had a second potential client due within a couple of days of her. I contacted her, just to make sure she really was serious, told her about this other client and that I would turn the new client away if she really was planning on me, she responded emphatically stating that she definitely wanted me there.
And then...nothing. If she's still pregnant she's almost a month overdue. She hasn't returned any of my messages.
And the thing is, that's just totally standard. Why do people feel like they don't even owe me the courtesy of at least calling and saying "hey...the baby came, we decided we were good on our own. Thanks though!"
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