Veronica (Formerly Megapixie) (kandrinchae) wrote in doulas,
Veronica (Formerly Megapixie)

Sacred Pathways Doula Services is ALIVE!

Sacred Pathways Doula Services is up and running!

With so many thanks for the time and effort put into the website by Little Owl Productions, the website is now a living, breathing thing! I am so happy to say that it looks beautiful and with help the content is fantastic.

At this point in time I am looking for suggestions for links to my resources as well as books and DVDs/Media. If you have any to share or suggest, please don't hesitate. Also if you are in the Portland Metro area of Oregon down to Salem, I'd love to talk about link-sharing. I'm all for spreading the word about Doulas, CBEs and Midwives in the area.

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