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Hi all! :) I wanted to post a quick introduction. My name is Robin and I've been a doula since 2001, although I've been inactive since 2004 (I took a break after the birth of my first child and then my second child followed a few years later, so the break continued). My second son is 16 months old now so I started pondering the idea of getting back into doula work, but he's still nursing very constantly so I don't think going to births is the best idea for at least a little while longer. But I still wanted to do something doula-related and when I brought this up with my husband, he suggested that we put together my doula experience with his marketing experience and start offering resources to help other doulas. :) This way I can be active in the doula community without being away from my son constantly, so it works out pretty well. (I still miss being around birthing women though. Oh well; everything in good time!)

Anyway, if anyone wants it, we've put up a free report about strategies to help grow your doula business at Doula Business Center - there's only the report there right now, but we're going to be growing it into an awesome resource. :) Hope some of y'all find it helpful, and if you've got any marketing-related questions, I'm your woman! :)
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